Alberta’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program

Alberta’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program is committed to promoting and showcasing the unique and exemplary farming operations within our province. Our Alumni run program is filled with diverse and forward thinking farmers who understand the unique challenges and benefits of being an agriculture producer in our province.  We are actively engaged in the agriculture industry through producer groups, boards and community organizations to assist in connecting with both the consumer and the policy makers who influence the Canadian Agriculture Industry, ensuring that our voice is heard and respected. With the support of our regional and national sponsors we hold an annual event where nominees are chosen to represent our province at the National Event.

Program Overview

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program recognizes young farmers who exemplify excellence in their profession. Eligible nominees must be farm operators between 18 and 39 who derive a minimum of two-thirds of their income from their farm operations. Each year one farming couple is selected from each of the program’s seven Regional Recognition Events to represent their respective region at the National Recognition Event. At the National Event, the seven honourees are recognized for their achievements and judged by a distinguished panel of judges using the following criteria:

  • Progress made during their farming career
  • Maximum use of soil, water and energy conservation practices
  • Crop and livestock production history
  • Financial and management practices
  • Contributions to the well-being of the community, province and nation

Each year, two of the seven honourees are chosen by the judges as Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers.

The vitality of the Program is maintained through the continued participation of alumni, who return each year to the National Recognition Event to honour and welcome new members. The OYF program is sponsored nationally by Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, Bayer, CIBC and John Deere Canada ULC.

Program History

The Outstanding Young Farmers Program originated in the United States in 1954. In 1979, the Calgary Jaycees, with the support of the Alberta/Northwest Territories Region Jaycees, proposed the introduction of a similar program to foster better urban-rural relations and recognize farmers’ achievements. The first Canadian national recognition event was held in November 1980 as an official program of the Canadian Junior Chamber/Jaycees.

Mission Statement

To discover, celebrate and recognize progress and excellence in Canadian agriculture.

Program Vision

To be the premiere awards program to identify excellence in Canadian agriculture.

Contact Us

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Board of Directors

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