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Richard and Nicole operate a dairy farm under the name  Moo-Lait Family Farm near St. Paul, along with Nicole’s parents.  They have three children, Ethan, age 10, Cassie, age 8 and Emery, age 6.

Richard and Nicole started their farming operation with the help from her parent’s Bert and Yvonne Poulin. Prior to purchasing quota and cows, Richard and Nicole worked on the farm on weekends. After moving to the farm Richard had off -farm employment for 18 months while they established a flow of sustainability, allowing him to quit his job and them to farm full time.

With their focus on soil and plant health and ultimately to achieve greater animal and human health, they have used technology and science to achieve the ability to grow healthier crops and attribute the past six months of zero cases of mastitis to the healthier soil.

Since they started farming they have been able to build a new barn and double milk production because they believe that increased production is a by-product of good husbandry, healthy animals, and focused attention.

By attending many meetings, training sessions and workshops, they keep up on the educational changes in their industry, as well as creating new contacts to share and grow with.

They believe their community involvement is essential to the fulfillment of their children and their business, so they have been very active in the children’s school, parent counsel, church programs, the Archery Club and the Seed Cleaning Plant Board of Governors.